Where do I start and end my Denver Bike Bar tour? We will meet you at The Blake Street Tavern at 2301 Blake Street. If you have time please show up a few minutes early and grab a bite to eat and a drink, as they offer drink specials to Denver Bike Bar Patrons. Please be on time for your tour, if you are late we will not make up the time at the end.

   Can I just jump on when I see the Denver Bike Bar rolling by? No, the Denver Bike Bar always starts and ends at a designated spot, simply because a full crew is required to power the bike from point to point.

   What food and drink can I bring onboard?  Alcohol is not allowed on the Denver Bike Bar, but Soda and drinks are permitted. Feel free to bring munchies, and coolers too!

   What should I bring for my tour? We provide only the Denver Bike Bar and driver, so bring items like cups, decorations, ice, food, ipods, and pub-friendly food like chips and pretzels.

   What hours does the Denver Bike Bar run? Tours can begin as early as 10:00 a.m. We schedule a half hour between each tour to assure we have enough time to off-board one group, clean the bike, and on-board the next.

   How do I book and pay for a tour? See the Book It page. Use the calendar to navigate to your chosen date, then the drop down menu to see remaining time slots that are available that day. You will see ONLY tour times that have not been booked already. Simply enter your credit card information for the amount needed.

   What if I get completely trashed? Break the Rules? Or just act like a jerk? Our drivers have an ejector seat button for passengers, and we have all been deemed trigger happy!

   What is the cancellation policy?  You can also choose to move your booking and deposit to a future date with notice of 14 days or more. Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel your tour within 7 days of your scheduled date, but only if we are unable to book a new tour in your place. Pretty fair, we think.


   No glass containers on the bike.

   Your captain is the boss, the primary renter is second in command, listen to them both.

   No leaving the Denver Bike Bar or jumping off while in motion, planned and announced stops only.

   Respect our streets and our town, no littering, excess noise or general debauchery please.

   A trained Denver Bike Bar Driver is the only individual who can drive the bike.

   Remember the smart and cautious comment above? We'll quickly identify any excess alcohol consumption, and hit the secret eject button under the dashboard.

   All rules of the road apply to the Denver Bike Bar while in motion, your driver will help everyone stick to them.